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Designed and manufactured  in the UK, we supply the finest power conditioning and distribution equipment for hi-fi and audio visual systems. If you are looking for power management, a simple performance lift or you are chasing the state-of-the-art, we can provide the best solution for you.



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MiniSub Wave

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SubStation LC & HC



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What improvements can I expect?

Noise is chaotic by nature. Every system will be affected differently. The best way for you to discover what ISOL-8 can do is to visit one of our dealers. Our many satisfied customers report:

  • Deeper, quieter backgrounds.
  • Improved resolution.
  • A more realistic soundstage.
  • Improved image focus.
  • Greater dynamic contrast.
  • Improved micro dynamics.
  • Greater overall consistency.

These apply equally to Pro, AV and Audio systems. Click here for more information on Power supply.

Where to Buy in the UK

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International Dealers

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Why so many products? How to choose.

There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to effective power conditioning. We know this through many years of development and hard won experience.

We offer a range of products so you can benefit from the optimum solution for your system. A good rule of thumb is to spend 10% of your system cost to optimise your power supply. Contact us or your local dealer for friendly, no obligation advice.

Our products are divided into three categories, click on each to discover more:



If value for money is a high priority, these solutions will deliver a real step up in performance without breaking the bank.



If you are not interested in the art of compromise, here you will find the ultimate in performance. The gains across the board are usually not subtle at all.



Here you will find solutions to the mains problems raised in larger systems; from simple distribution to fully optimised high performance multi-channel conditioners.


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