Types of Noise

There are many forms of noise that a Hi-Fi or AV system can be subject to or even produce.

If the actual pieces of equipment are buzzing this is generally one or more of the following:

If there is noise from the speakers then it may be one or more of the following:

All ISOL-8 mains filters act to reduce mains-born wide-spectrum noise. The frequency and degree of attenuation depends on the model; each ISOL-8 unit delivering better results as one progresses up the range. In addition, ISOL-8 models with Axis technology stop DC from passing to the connected equipment. Only complete regeneration can provide an absolutely pure waveform, devoid of any aberrations.

It must be remembered that much of the acoustic improvements that mains filtering bring about is due to what we don't actually hear. No piece of equipment is perfect and even a small amount of mains born energy other than the 50 or 60Hz fundamental can have a significant deleterious effect on how the equipment handles the actual audio (or video) signal passing through it. This is particularly significant with 'high gain' kit where there is only a millivolt signal level to begin with.

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