ISOL-8 The Grid

The Grid
is an outstandingly flexible one box solution for multi-component installations. It combines high quality mains conditioning for improved system performance with intelligent power management and convenient distribution.

The rugged 3U chassis, features a locking 20A locking Neutrik connector for input with a high quality double pole breaker providing instantly available reset in the event of over current. When connected directly to a spur by a qualified electrician, a maximum total capacity of 20A is available across the unit. 13A being available with standard mains connection. Each output channel has a front panel mounted fuse with status indicator, outputs are via an IEC outlet on the rear. Input voltage is displayed by a true RMS display.

Each of the 12 channels has its own powerful broadband filter with spike and surge protection. Four are optimised for higher current draw loads such as amplifiers or projectors. The topology provides excellent rejection of mains borne noise across a connected system; preventing cross contamination between components. This is a crucial factor in multi component systems where mains borne noise from one component significantly degrades the performance of another.

The Grid features total power management, sequencing the 12 outputs on or off in any order. Fully configurable inter-channel delay eliminates circuit breaker tripping or blown fuses as a result of excessive current inrush.

Connect to a PC using the supplied software and you can monitor the real time status of the outputs, fuses, inter channel timings etc, through an easy to use interface. The software provides control of each output and unit programming, using the internal event driven macro programming language. This allows sophisticated auto control of outputs from an external input. Programmed load shedding triggered by the mains failure relay output of a UPS is just one of many scenarios that can be catered for.

The Grid totally solves mains distribution and power management issues in more complex systems, as well as providing the significant performance benefits of ISOL-8 mains conditioning. A definitive one stop solution that will reliably protect and transform the performance of your system.

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Number of available outlets: 12 IEC outlets
Mains Inlet: 20A latching Neutrik

19 inch, 3U rackmount
W: 445mm
H: 133mm
D: 410mm (plus connectors)

Weight: 12 Kg
Construction: Steel chassis with Titanium finish
aluminium front panel.
Mains Voltage: 200-260VAC
Maximum continuous Current:

16 Amps RMS

Protection: Double pole circuit breaker

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