ISOL-8 Stasis

The Stasis is a powerful Automatic Voltage Regulator. For situations where the mains supply is unreliable or sub-optimal, the Stasis will supply a stable voltage for the system regardless of the input voltage.

The Stasis accepts power input between 170 and 270 volts. The output will be within a class leading 2% of the set output voltage. A generous continuous current rating of 15A is available across the entire operating window, so most systems can be supplied with ease.

Inside the substantial 2U 19 inch rackmount chassis, a powerful microcontroller controls and supervises a unique toroidal transformer. The incoming mains voltage condition is constantly assessed by advanced software and the appropriate control strategy is chosen, providing optimum stability. Input is via a latching 20A Neutrik connector with two quality outlets to supply the load.

The output voltage is specified at purchase with an override voltage adjustment of up to  ± 12V, which is user selectable. An accurate, true RMS, LED display is selectable between load current, input and output voltage.

Operation is fully monitored. Instant over-current and over-voltage shutdown means your system is fully protected against any damaging rogue supply events.

Providing total security in the most challenging of environments, the Stasis will ensure your system will benefit from stable, peak performance every time.

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