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Every system needs a quality power supply to give of its best. PowerLine is a family of compact Power Distribution Units (PDU) that are designed to lift system performance, harnessing ISOL-8's power expertise at an affordable price. In combination with our range of IsoLink shielded mains cables, PowerLine offers a flexible but powerful solution tailored for those who put performance and value first.

All versions feature an anodised 6mm thick CNC'd aluminum top plate. This forms an ideal mechanical foundation: non magnetic and non resonant. Input is by IEC connector with a Neutrik PowerCon an option on many variants. Each high quality power outlet has a hinged cover to IP54, protecting unused outlets from dirt, dust and little fingers. Wiring is carefully selected silver plated copper with PTFE insulation throughout, providing excellent power transmission properties, reliably supplying your system for years to come.

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The ISOL-8 PowerLine incorporates the same top quality components and materials found across the PowerLine range without ISOL-8's renowned filter technology.  For applications where conditioning is not required, but quality and reliability are essential; the PowerLine is an excellent solution.

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PowerLine Plus

PowerLine Plus carries a number of features to lift performance still further. Mains earth has a finite impedance and does behave as an antenna, perfect for capturing RF energy. The PowerLine Plus earth line choke is custom made with a special high permeability core. This gives massive attenuation of any RF noise in the system earth bus and signal ground. The input connector is a rhodium plated IEC by Oyaide. Finally, a single pole shunt filter is fitted. This topology allows direct connection of the live and neutral conductors to the load, providing effective noise attenuation without any impact on peak current delivery.

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PowerLine Ultra

The PowerLine Ultra is fully power conditioned, surge protected, and optimised for audio. One Direct Connection outlet is provided, filtered by a high current shunt filter, and is suitable for loads such as amplifiers. The remaining outputs are for source components and benefit from ISOL-8s Transmodal filter technology. Noise in mains wiring can be transmitted and induced in many ways, some are easier to deal with than others. As a result, many power conditioners are not completely effective. ISOL-8s Transmodal filters effectively attenuate all modes of transmitted and induced mains noise, without dumping it to ground, so you can be sure that your system benefits from the cleanest possible power.

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New PowerLine Ultra 6 Way

The PowerLine Ultra 6 Way has the same filter and feature set of the Ultra, but with adds two extra sockets. One additional socket for high power loads and one additional socket for audio source components.

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PowerLine Axis

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HIFICRITIC Recommended Product

The PowerLine Axis provides an innovative cure to the problem of DC on the mains supply. In theory the mains waveform should be pure AC: a perfect, symmetrical sine wave. In practice the waveform can arrive at the end user clipped, distorted and asymmetrical with a significant DC voltage component. The AC transformers commonly found in equipment power supplies cannot, by nature, tolerate significant DC without being compromised. The PowerLine Axis has five high quality outlets served by a network that re-centres the voltage axis of the mains waveform. This eliminates any DC voltage on the mains power supply, suppressing mechanical hum and liberating performance. Surge protection provides peace of mind too.



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PowerLine 1080

The PowerLine 1080 is optimised for supplying AV systems. All outlets are surge protected. One outlet has a dedicated filter to eliminate noise generated by video displays, dramatically improving picture quality. Another has a filtered high current Direct Connection for amplifiers. The remaining outlets are for source components, ISOL-8's Transmodal filter technology providing pure, clean power so that your AV system performs at its very best.

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NewPowerLine Chroma

The PowerLine Chroma has the same AV specific filter complement as the 1080 but with six instead of four sockets. There is an extra outlet for the high power section plus an extra outlet for source components.

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Number of available outlets:  

4 for PowerLine Ultra and 1080
5 for PowerLine Axis
6 for PowerLine and PowerLine Plus.
6 for PowerLine Ultra 6 way and Chroma

Type of outlets available:   13A British chassis sockets
European Shuko
Standard Mains Inlet:   IEC fused socket (Cable not supplied)
Dimensions:   400 x 83 x 88mm (W x H x D) excluding connectors
505 x 83 x 88mm (W x H x D) excluding connectors Ultra 6 way & Chroma
540 x 100 x 110mm (W x H x D) packaged
Product Weight:  

1.7 Kg Powerline (6 way)
1.8 Kg PowerLine Plus (6 way)
1.9kg Axis (5 way)
2.3Kg Ultra & 1080 (4 way)
2.9Kg Ultra & Chroma (6 way)


Construction:   Aluminum top plate “titanium” anodise. Powder coated steel chassis
Mains Voltage:   230VAC version for 220-240VAC
Maximum Current:   10A maximum (IEC versions)


Click here to find out more about DC on the mains.

Click here to find out more about Transmodal Filter Technology.


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