ISOL-8 MiniSub 2 Pro

mINIsUB 2 pROThe Minisub 2 Pro is a rack mount version of our enormously successful
Minisub 2, fully integrating mains conditioning, protection and distribution. Designed to combat all mains noise generated problems, it is a convenient one stop solution for all source and power components.

The six outlets are individually conditioned. This topology means that each connected component is protected from interference generated by another.

Although dealing with noise from the incoming mains supply is important, the local noise generated by each component in your system should not be overlooked. It is this key feature which contributes to the Minisub 2's market leading electrical performance, lifting sound and picture quality significantly.

The 2U 19 inch rack mount chassis is built to the highest standards, with high quality connectors throughout for total reliability. Input is by IEC socket and an earth binding post is provided. All outputs are spike and surge protected from damaging transient high voltage events.

Outputs one and two have Individual high power parallel filtering for amplifiers, projectors and computers. These are carefully designed to be effective, but not to limit peak current demand.

Outputs three to six are optimised for sensitive source components which draw less current. Each has individual multistage filtering to further attenuate mains borne noise. Additional filters for digital and visual display generated noise are standard on outputs five and six.

A versatile and powerful performer, the Minisub 2 Pro provides outstanding performance and value.

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