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IsoLink Wave And Ultra

mr isolink wave ultra connectorsPower cables are an important part of any system. The IsoLink Wave and Ultra are class leading performers in thier own right and also the perfect compliment to our power conditioners.

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mainline rh iso mrThe Inline has a lot to offer. It is a high value, multi-purpose one channel, one outlet power conditioning solution in a compact format. Featuring Axis DC blocking and a powerful multi-stage filter suitable for a wide range of system components.

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PowerLine 6For applications where space and budget is limited, Powerline combines a compact strip format with big performance. Our renowned build quality comes as standard.  Available in unfiltered, enhanced Plus, and DC blocking Axis variants. There are also fully conditioned Ultra for audio with 4 and 6 sockets, and 1080 and Chroma for video versions with 4 and 6 sockets respectively.

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MiniSub Wave & MiniSub Axis

MiniSub Wave & MiniSub Axis. Click for more information.Now with Transmodal filter technology, an improved high current filter and DC blocking (MiniSub Axis only), the all new MiniSub Wave and MiniSub Axis are all about combining great performance with outstanding value. Featuring a separate filter for each of the 6 outlets, each tackles the thorny problem of mains noise generated from within the system itself. Carrying the MiniSub tradition forward; each will effectively lift the performance of a whole system at an affordable price.

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MiniSub Chroma

ms chroma detail 2 mrThe MiniSub Chroma powers an entire AV system. It features separate filters to stop noise cross contamination and a special broadband Transmodal filter optimised for video displays. It brings power security and purity to systems for a special audio and video experience.

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Click here for more informationA single channel mains conditioner for video displays. The multi stage filter is optimised to remove noise generated by the display’s hard working power supply, thus enhancing picture quality dramatically. Surge and spike protection are included. Flexible mounting options include wall or bracket mounting.

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