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MiniSub 2 Pro. Click for more informationMiniSub 2 Pro

Ideal for conditioning and protecting a smaller system in one, this high quality 2U rack mount enclosure features a separate filter for each of its 6 outlets. This topology tackles the thorny problem of mains noise generated from within the system itself. The MiniSub 2 Pro ensures improved system performance combined with outstanding value.

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6 Way Sequential

6 way serial sequential top mrThis has six sequentially switched outlets with a simple noise killing filter in a shallow 3U package for rear rack mounting. Full serial remote contol plus dry and voltage control inputs means sophisticated power management is easy to implement, avoiding unwanted mains triping and improving reliabilty.

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The Connect System

Connect MontageA versatile modular sequential mains distribution and conditioning system for complex installations, developed for Genesis Technologies. The Connect Controller provides sequenced control switching for multiple Connect Slave units. The Slaves have a powerful noise filter and a wide range of outlet connector options. Supremely flexible, the system is quick and easy to configure with comprehensive serial remote control.

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The Grid

The Grid. Click for more information.A powerful, one stop solution for larger systems. With a 20A total capacity, The Grid carries individual filters for each output thus preventing noise cross contamination. The 4 high current and 8 low current IEC outlets can be sequentially turned on and off preventing troublesome surges and brown outs. Full sequence programming and remote control are available with the included PC software via a serial port.

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Click here for more informationA single channel mains conditioner for video displays. The multi stage filter is optimised to remove noise generated by the display’s hard working power supply, thus enhancing picture quality dramatically. Surge and spike protection are included. Flexible mounting options include wall or bracket mounting.

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IsoLink Wave And Ultra

mr isolink wave ultra connectorsPower cables are an important part of any system. The IsoLink Wave and Ultra are class leading performers in thier own right and also the perfect compliment to our power conditioners.

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