ISOL-8 Connect System

The Isol-8 Connect system  is a versatile modular sequential mains distribution and conditioning system tailored for complex installations.


mr connect controller switch detail mr connect controller rear detail mr connect slave iec detail

There are two elements to the system. The Connect Controller provides sequential power up and down control signals for up to four Connect Slave units which remotely condition and switch mains power. The system's reach can be expanded even further when using the comprehensive serial interface to daisy chain or parallel slaves via additional controllers. Together they allow a system to be powered up and down from one place for ease of use, reducing switch on surges and unwanted tripping whilst eliminating the standby power used by the individual appliances. The powerful filters in the slave modules keep power free from mains noise, allowing the installation to deliver maximum performance at all times. The system is designed and built to flexible, robust and reliable for total peace of mind.


The Connect Controller

The Connect Controller can sequence or switch eight channels. A choice of front panel switch, opto isolated control voltage or dry contact closure initiates on or off sequence, all conveniently packaged within a quality 1U enclosure.

mr connect controller front

Sequence on or off plus combinations of individual channels can all be addressed via the RS232 serial port (RS422/485 available as an option). The controller can be assigned one of thirteen addresses or sit in parallel with another controller on the same address, giving huge control flexibility. Control cabling is by standard RJ45 connectors allowing quick and easy configuration.

mr connect controller rear

Number of control channels:   8
Number of control outputs:   4
Control Output Specification   Proprietary compatible only with Slave
Control Output connector   RJ45
External Control Inputs  
1/4" Mono female jack (dry contact)
9 way D socket (Serial control and opto isolated control voltage)
Standard Mains Inlet:   20A  Neutrik PowerCon
Dimensions:   1U 19 inch rack mount
482 x 44 x 159mm (W x H x D) inc connectors
Product Weight:   2.5Kg
Construction:   Steel chassis, aluminium front panel.
Mains Voltage:   230VAC (EU versions)
Power Consumption:   15 Watt maximum
Standby Power   Below 1 Watt


The Connect Slave

The Connect Slave is designed to be mounted on  the rear of a 19" rack so power connections can be quickly and easily made. There are two groups of filtered outputs that are switched remotely from one control output of the Connect Controller. Various connector options are available, including quad IEC outlets or pairs of UK, Schuko or US outlets. Power Input is by latching 20A Neutrik PowerCon for security.

mr connect slave abl front

The powerful on board filter uses ISOL-8's design expertise to prevent mains noise from entering the connected equipment. Used in multiples, they also prevents cross contamination too, by preventing noise from connected system components from affecting the rest of the system. The best solution for releasing performance lost to poor quality power supply.

mr connect slave iec front



Number of available outlets:   2x2 (socket version) 2x4 (IEC version)
Type of outlets available:  
13A British chassis sockets
US Nema 5-15
European Schuko
IEC 10A outlet
Standard Mains Inlet:   20A  Neutrik PowerCon
Dimensions:   19 inch rack mount
482 x 70 x 92mm (W x H x D) inc connectors
Product Weight:   2.5Kg
Construction:   Steel chassis
Mains Voltage:   100-230VAC
Maximum Continuous Current:   10 Amps
Control Input Specification   Proprietary compatible only with Controller
Control Input connector   RJ45

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