ISOL-8 Best Sound Award at the Audio Show 2014, Warsaw

 18th Nov 2014

ISOL-8's accolade at the Audio Show 2014, Warsaw

ISOL-8's Polish distributor Moje Audio  exhibited at the eighteenth year of High Fidelity's Audio Show 2014, Warsaw. This show is now the second largest show in Europe stretching to over a hundred rooms across three venues. We are delighted that the ISOL-8 powered system, with electronics from our sister company Trilogy won the coveted Best Sound award.


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"I know a part of the system, I tested the loudspeakers, the turntable and the cables. New for me was the ISOL-8 electronics filtering mains as well as the integrated amp Trilogy 925. It turned out, that all those elements together give a very well balanced sound, where there is no space for coincidences. It seems, that all those components worked perfectly together and really sounded like a system. Quick, dynamic sound, without brightening and with a deep soundstage. Superb sound."

Editor in Chief High Fidelity, Wojciech Pacuła     


Isol - 1

The award wining system:

Loudspeakers: Trenner & Friedl Pharoah. Integrated amplifier: Trilogy 925. Power conditioners: ISOL-8 SubStation HC for the amplifier and ISOL-8 SubStation LC for the rest of the electronics. Power cables: ISOL-8 Reference. Phonostage: Trilogy 907. Turntable: The Funk Firm Little Super Deck with The Funk Firm FX3 tonearm and Achromat platter mat, equipped with ZYX R 100 cartrigde. Interconnects and loudspeaker cables: Tellurium Q Black Diamond and Harmonix HS-101 SLC


Best Sound 2014 bk


Pictures courtesy of SoundRebels


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