ISOL-8 6 Way Sequential

The new revised 6 Way Sequential is an intelligent solution for solving mains distribution problems in smaller installations with the added flexibility of remote control. It manages system power from a number of control input options, sequentially switching on its outlets to avoid unnecessary tripping, and has a simple but effective noise killing filter to improve mains quality. The 3U rack mount unit, which measures only 65mm deep, is designed to fit on the rear face of a rack for quick and easy power connection. Also it can simply be screwed to a wall or into a cupboard.

There are 6 high quality chassis sockets and a single Neutrik PowerCon input. The unit is designed to provide 20 Amps continually. The unit must be fed with a supply protected at no more than 20 Amps.


6 way serial sequential iso mr

6 way serial sequential input detail mr6 way serial sequential conn detail mr

There are four possible modes of operation set by a configuration switch:

When the unit receives power via its input connector, the 6 outputs are powered up sequentially with 600mS delays. This has several advantages, including lessening the chance of circuit breakers tripping when a rack of products are powered simultaneously and allows certain products to be powered before others, helping in reducing noises and improving reliability.

An external dry switch contact can be plugged into the 1/4" trigger input. The unit can now remain permanently powered. Only when the switch contact is closed will the unit sequentially power up the outputs and equally important, power down the outputs sequentially in the reverse order. This allows a system to be powered up and down from one small switch for ease of use. This eliminates the standby power used by the individual connected appliances. The 6 Way Sequential will use some power, but this is minimal.

An external control voltage trigger is available on the 9way D-type connector. It is opto isolated for connection to a wide range of automation devices and has the same function as the dry switch contact input.

Full remote control of sequence on or off, plus single or combinations of individual channels can all be enabled via the RS422/485 serial port (RS232 available as an option). Each 6 Way Sequential can be assigned one of thirteen addresses or sit in parallel with another 6 Way Sequential on the same address, giving complex control flexibility through simple commands.


A non-serial version is also available.


Number of available outlets:   6
Type of outlets available:  
13A British chassis sockets
European Schuko
US Nema 5-15
Standard Mains Inlet:   20A  Neutrik PowerCon
Dimensions:   19 inch, 3U rack mount
430 x 133 x 65mm (W x H x D) plus connectors
Product Weight:   3.2Kg
Construction:   Steel chassis
Mains Voltage:   100-230VAC options
Maximum Continuous Current:   20 Amps
Standby Power   Below 1 Watt
External Control Inputs  
1/4" Mono female jack (dry contact)
9 way D socket (Serial control and opto isolated control voltage)

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